IPROWD Training Program

Indigenous Police Recruiting Our Way Delivery - IPROWD

IPROWD is a specialist program to assist Aboriginal people to gain entry to the NSW Police Academy at Goulburn which is the first step to becoming an officer in the NSW Police Force.

This ABC 7.30 Report video was filmed in 2011 and provides the background story to IPROWD which is now accessible across nine TAFE NSW Institutes.

The Australian Government, TAFE NSW, The NSW Police Force and Charles Sturt University are working in partnership to offer IPROWD training programs at a range of locations in NSW.

Recruiting NOW!

Please find below more information in relation to the IPROWD program to help you submit your expression of interest for the program:

For more information call 1300 823 393 or email iprowd@tafensw.edu.au

Applications Open:

Location Date Year Status
Campbelltown* February - June 2018 Applications Open
Dubbo* February - June 2018 Applications Open
Nowra* February - June 2018 Applications Open
Port Macquarie* July - November 2018 Applications Open
Tamworth* February - June 2018 Applications Open
Wagga Wagga* February - June 2018  Applications Open
Ballina* February -June 2018  Applications Open
Mt Druitt* February - June 2018  Applications Open
Newcastle* July - November 2018  Applications Open
Redfern* February - June 2018  Applications Open
* Locations are subject to number of applicants being able to meet eligibility criteria.

Support for students after completing the IPROWD Program

IPROWD provides post course support for all IPROWD students for up to 12 months after course graduation to provide assistance to complete Charles Sturt University and NSW Police Force applications, complete medicals and attend the fitness and psychometric tests. 

IPROWD students are also supported to look for other employment while they wait to finalise the Police recruitment process, or to support students who are seeking employment in other areas.

IPROWD Student Code of Conduct

Please read the IPROWD Student Code of Conduct:

IPROWD Student Code of Conduct

The IPROWD Training Program is managed by TAFE Western.
It is a partnership between NSW Police Force, TAFE NSW, Charles Sturt University and the Australian Government.